There is a wide range of scientifically proven health advantages of stinging nettle. The stinging nettle is also known as Urtica dioica and is a natural herb that is used to treat different types of medical conditions. It is used treat arthritis, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

  1. Scientifically Proven Health Advantages of Stinging Nettle: It has High Nutritional Value

    Stinging nettle roots and leaves are high in nutritional value. They contain different types of vitamin such as Vitamin A, K and C which are important in human growth. It also contains calcium which is important in bone formation, oleic acid and stearic acid. These nutrients act as anti-oxidants in the body and helps its growth.

  2. Another Scientifically Proven Health Benefit is it Helps in Lowering High Blood Pressure

    Nettle has been very helpful in lowering high blood pressure. The components of the stinging nettle are as twice as effective as the effects of insulin. However, one must have a strong medical background before being prescribed to use stinging nettle.

  3. Nettle is Also Proven to Reduce Bleeding

    Stinging nettle has been scientifically proven to reduce excessive bleeding especially when a woman is coming from labor. It can also be used by a person after surgery to reduce bleeding and also by a woman who has heavy flows during the menstrual cycle.

  4. It is Also Scientifically Proven That Nettle Can Be Used in Treating Wounds

    Stinging nettle is also used in healing wounds and burns. It can also be used as a cream or using the traditional method of pounding and applying it to the wound.

  5. Nettle Helps to Control Sugar Levels in the Body

    Nettle is used to lower sugar levels. Using stinging nettle for three consecutive days can lower sugar levels in a body. According to one study 500mg of Stinging nettle can lower sugar levels if they are continuously consumed.

  6. It Also Treats Prostates Related Challenges

    In most developing countries it has been proven that man above the age of 50 developed prostate challenges. Stinging nettle helps in reducing the enlargement of prostate and also helps reduce the symptoms of prostate.

  7. Nettle is Also Known for Taking Care of Inflation

    Stinging nettle helps in reducing joint pain. Nettle helps on reducing pain that can be caused by arthritis, menstrual pains and joint pains.

  8. Hay FeverĀ 

    Hay fever is an allergy that happens in the lining of the nose. Stinging nettle is a natural treatment that stops the immune cells from releasing chemicals that cause the allergy.

  9. It Helps the Skin

    When stinging nettle is applied to the skin it reduces dark spots and wrinkles. Stinging nettle is also used as an anti-ageing creams because its components have healing effects. In recent years it has been recent used by people with exzyma.

  10. Prevents Heart Related Diseases

    Because of the increase in people eating junk foods, nettle helps prevent diseases related to that. It also reduces high blood pressure and as a stress reliever.

In conclusion, in as much as stinging nettle is helpful in human life one must have a strong medical background or consult their Doctor in order to use these medicines as the effects can be life threatening. Pregnant women are discouraged from consuming it as it can cause miscarriage.