Nettle is a plant that is mostly popular in countries with humid conditions. Its leaves and roots can be used for medical reasons to cure different types of diseases. It can be used as tea or tablets some also use it as a skin care remedy. The leaves have a stinging sensation hence the name. Nettle has many health benefits and uses these include the following.

Health Benefits:

  1. It Helps the Skin

    When stinging nettle is applied to the skin it reduces dark spots and wrinkles. Stinging nettle is also used as an anti-ageing creams because its components have healing effects. In recent years it has been recent used by people with exzyma.

  2. It Helps Patients with Prostate Cancer

    Stinging nettle is also used by patients suffering from prostate cancer. The root of the plant is sometimes put in hot water and when one drinks it, it helps. It also helps to prevent prostate enlargement. This is a disease that causes the prostate to enlarge. It is also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. The nettle roots are mainly responsible for treating this disease.

  3. Used for Respiratory Benefits

    This plant is also used by people who have breathing challenges. People with hay fever and asthma also use the stinging nettle.

  4. Prevents Heart Related Diseases

    Because of the increase in people eating junk foods, nettle helps prevent diseases related to that. It also reduces high blood pressure and as a stress reliever.

  5. Helps in Bone Formation

    Stinging nettle is beneficial in maintaining calcium content. It is also used by people with arthritis and gait in order to help in the healing of the bones.

  6. Cleanse the Body

    Stinging nettle is also used to detoxify the body from dangerous components. It acts as a natural diuretic which helps in eliminating toxins from kidneys. It also helps in the digestive processes.

  7. Harvesting the Stinging Nettle

    The Stinging nettle is a dangerous plant when it is not properly harvested. When one is harvesting the stinging nettle they need to wear protective clothing. It is advised that when harvest the nettle one needs to wear long sleeves and closed shoes. The leaves of the stinging nettle are harmful and poisonous.

    When storing the stinging nettle, one is advised to store it in a cool dry place. The nettle should not be stored in a place with moist conditions to avoid mold. If it molds it becomes poisonous.

  8. Cooking the Stinging Nettle

    Most people use the stinging nettle as a soup. The soup is easy to prepare and the ingredients are affordable. One can make the soup alongside with mushrooms and spinach. People can also prepare tea from the stem of the Stinging nettle.

    From the leaves of the Stinging nettle one can also prepare chicken soup.

    In summation, Stinging nettle is one of the natural components that are beneficial to human health. They do not have side effects as it is a natural product. Most people do not know the benefits or uses of Stinging nettle as it grows like a weed but it is very helpful to humans. It has health benefits which include treating prostate and helping against high blood pressure. The stinging nettle can also be used as a soup and tea to cure various diseases.